Cape Keeper® - Put Your Trophy on Your Wall

Prevent hair slip and cool, protect and keep your cape with Cape Keeper®. The big game cooler pack, Cape Keeper®, aids hunters in preserving capes of their big game trophies.

Cape Keeper's "Patent Pending" design makes it flexible to fit almost any big game animal you harvest. The compression straps around the bag can be tightened down to fit deer and antelope. The front expansion nose can be expanded to fit elk and moose. You can use the backpack straps and waist belt to carry the cape out yourself or you can strap it on an ATV or horse. The pack will fit your specific needs for whatever type of hunt you are on. It will become one of your best hunting aids helping you conserve wildlife and ensuring the animal you harvest ends up on your wall.

Big Game Cooler Pack
Cape Keeper®, is a big game cooler pack. Use instant ice packs or ice from your cooler to cool the cape down immediately. Zip up the pack and the cape will stay cool and protected during transport. Our tag line is our goal, helping you get the original animal you harvest up on your wall. Use The Cape Keeper®, trophy bag cooler to keep your cape cool and protected and prevent yourself from ever having to buy a replacement cape again.


  •  Free Ground Shipping in US
  •  600 Denier Exterior
  •  Velcro Antler Straps
  •  Two-Way Adjustable Zippers for Best Fit
  •  Daisy Chain Connection Points
  •  Perimeter Handles
  •  Expansion Compartment for Larger
      Game Animals
  •  Compression Straps to Shorten Bag for
      Smaller Game Animals
  •  Closed-Cell Foam Insulation to Keep Cape Cool
  •  Ice Bag Pockets for Secure Cooling
  •  Waterproof Interior Tub
  •  Stowable Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt
  •  Stowable Blaze Orange Safety Flag
  •  Durable Water-Proof Lining
  • U.S. Patent No. 9,090,394
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