Cape Keeper is Looking for Expert Hunters

Are you a great hunter? Read through the following statements:

- You have a big game success rate of 50-80%
- You spend 2 - 5 weeks per year in the field
- You hunt in 2 or more states annually
- You cry and slip into a deep stupor when you don't draw out
- You subscribe to 3 or more hunting magazines
- You have a hunting TV or radio show (or have appeared as a guest on either)
- You have a following of +500 on Facebook, Twitter and/or your Hunting Blog
- You have posted hunting photos and/or videos on YouTube or your blog
- You consider Cabella's or Sportman's Warehouse your second home

If you answered yes to six or more of the statements above, WE NEED YOU!

Cape Keeper is looking for expert hunters to use The Cape Keeper Pack on one of their upcoming hunts. If you qualify, we will send you a Cape Keeper Pack. Use the pack, give us your honest feedback and share your experience with your followers and friends.

If you qualify, send us your credentials. We will review all applicants and send out as many packs as we can.

Send your credentials to us at: You can also Tweet @CapeKeeperBag or Facebook us your info.