Don't take our word for it. Hear what people are saying about Cape Keeper

Jake G. - Eagle Mountain, Utah
"The Cape Keeper worked great easy to use. It held the goat in the bag secure. I used instant ice packs. I also put the Cape Keeper inside my truck on the way to the taxidermist and it kept the goat smell inside the bag I couldn't even tell he was in the truck. And the hide was still cool when we arrived at the taxidermist a few hours later. Great product. "

CHAD D - Spanish Fork, Utah
"The thing I love about the Cape Keeper is its versatility. It does not just keep your cape cool and clean. It protects it in whatever you are doing. Whether it be strapping it down on horseback, on a 4 wheeler, or on a pack frame. You know your cape is going to be cool, clean, and undamaged when you get it off the mountain."

JORDAN H - Saratoga Springs, Utah
"The Wyoming antelope hunt this year was hot and dusty. We used 4 wheelers. The Cape Keeper kept my cape clean, cool, and rope burn free. I'll never go hunting again without it."

GREG N - Bluffdale, Utah
"I used the Cape Keeper for the first time in 2012. It performed flawlessly! It's DEFINITELY part of my hunting gear."

Wesley M. - Colorado
"Preserve your trophy of a lifetime with Cape Keeper. Held a bull cape for 30 plus hours!!! Strong and Durable. Truly a great product I personally recommend for any camp."

NICK J - Bluffdale, Utah
"I have been on thirteen limited entry trophy hunts in five years. I used the Cape Keeper for the first time this year. It performed perfectly twice. It kept the cape clean and cool during the pack out, the ride to camp and all the way to the taxidermist. Six hours in the back of the truck on a hot September day and the cape was forty degrees when we got to the taxidermist. My taxidermist was so impressed with how clean and cool the Cape Keeper kept my hide that he is going to recommend all his clients get one."

NATE L - West Jordan, Utah
"I used the Cape Keeper to pack out an elk this year, and it worked perfectly. I was able to use it as a back pack. It distributed the weight in all the right places. Also the straps kept everything tight, so there was no movement making you unbalanced."