5 Tips for Saving your Cape

Taking care of your cape after you take an animal is crucially important in ensuring the cape can be mounted for you to display. Here are five tips you can use to better your chances of keeping your cape:

  1. 1 - Skin the Animal
    Skinning the animal is the first step to saving the meat and preserving the cape for mounting later. This should be done immediately after tagging your animal.

  2. 2 - Remove the Cape
    Getting the hide off your trophy starts the cooling process to save the meat and the cape.

  3. 3 - Cool Down the Cape
    The cape needs to be cooled down and kept as cool as possible.

  4. 4 - Protect the Cape
    Keeping the cape protected from heat and direct sunlight, dirt, rope burn, etc. is paramount.

  5. 5 - Take Care of the Cape Until It is Safely with The Taxidermist
    Remember, transporting the cape safely, and keeping it cool on the trip to the taxidermist, increases your odds of getting a great mount!

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