User Tips

  • Use instant ice packs or bags of ice to put in the pack after your cape is harvested. The pockets inside the pack have waterproof bottoms, but still bag all of your ice to keep loose water in the pack down to a minimum. The Cape Keeper® Pack is not a refrigerator, it is a cooler. You must provide the ice and continue to monitor the pack to make sure it is staying cool.

  • Use the compression straps to tighten down every cape you put in the pack. The less space in the pack, the easier it will be to keep cool.

  • Use the Blaze Orange Safety Flag when you pack out the cape using the backpack straps. The safety flag is hidden in a small zipper on the top of the bag.

  • If you harvest an antelope or small deer, you will still have room in the pack for other parts of the animal besides the cape. Use the reversible zippers on top to slide in a hind quarter and then zip it back up.

  • Use the velcro straps the securely tighten the antlers. Move them around each side to secure a tight fit. This will help ensure a more stable pack.

  • Use the expansion nose when you take down a big one. The expansion nose in the bottom of the pack will provide you extra room when you harvest an Elk or Moose.

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